Have you been hesitant about adoption because you don’t quite understand it? There are several adoption plans to consider. Adoption has dramatically improved over the years! As the birth mother, you get to choose the type of adoption plan for you and your child and their potential adoptive parents.

Why Consider Adoption?

Adoption is the legal process where the birth mother and father (if he’s available) transfer parental rights and responsibilities to an adoptive family. When the adoption is finalized, the child legally becomes a member of the adoptive family as if born into it naturally. Adoption may be the right decision for you if:

  • You’re not ready to be a parent, or you already have other children you’re struggling to care for
  • You’re just beginning school or a new career
  • Your current relationship or living situation isn’t safe for a child
  • You want to provide a financially and emotionally stable environment

While this is not an easy decision, you are not alone. It takes courage to choose adoption, but it’s one of the most selfless decisions you can make. You can give your child a hopeful future if life’s circumstances don’t allow you to raise your child. You will always be their first mother.

Types of Adoption Plans

Some women may want to build a relationship with their child, but others may need distance. It’s entirely up to you. The three types of adoption plans include the following:

1. Open adoption: This is the most common type of adoption plan. You decide on the family you want to adopt your child and exchange information to stay in contact with them. You and the adoptive family will develop a mutual agreement on communication.

2. Closed adoption: A closed adoption may be a good fit for you if there are safety concerns at home and things need to remain private. You have no contact with the child, and all parties remain confidential.

3. Semi-open adoption: Contact with your child is still possible. All communication between you, the child, and the adoptive family is made through a third party, like an adoption agency. Everything is kept confidential.

Do you Have Questions?

We’re here to provide you with answers to your most pressing adoption questions. Once you’ve confirmed your pregnancy with us, we can explore this option more and help you understand all your adoption options. We will connect you with a reputable adoption agency and walk with you through the pregnancy and after-adoption process. Contact us to get started.