Did you receive a positive pregnancy test and wonder what’s next? An ultrasound is your next step after receiving a positive result with a medical-grade pregnancy test. We can help with this step.

Ultrasounds Matter

Wondering if you need an ultrasound? We highly recommend not skipping an ultrasound to safeguard your health and confirm your pregnancy to determine the pregnancy options available to you. It’s an essential step for three reasons:

  • An ultrasound tells you how far along you are (gestational age)
  • An ultrasound tells you where your pregnancy is located (whether it’s located in the uterus or you are experiencing a potential ectopic pregnancy)
  • An ultrasound tells you if your pregnancy is viable (has a heartbeat & is a growing pregnancy)

How Does An Ultrasound Work?​

An ultrasound produces high-frequency sound waves that bounce back off the observed tissue, interpret these echoes, and create an image on a screen.

Medical News Today says, “Ultrasound is sound that travels through soft tissue and fluids, but it bounces back, or echoes, off denser surfaces. This is how it creates an image.”

It’s important to note that ultrasounds are considered a safe and effective method for medical viewing purposes. 

Free Limited Ultrasounds

Hands of Hope PRC offers free and confidential limited ultrasounds to women who have a positive pregnancy test result. We provide limited ultrasounds on-site. We also prefer to make appointments for ultrasound visits.

A licensed sonographer performs the limited ultrasound, which can confirm a viable (progressing with a detectable heartbeat) pregnancy.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about all your pregnancy options, we can help with this step as well. Don’t face pregnancy alone.

Schedule a free initial appointment with us today to get started on your path to clarity. Be informed so you can make a confident choice for your future.