woman curious how does an ultrasound work

Wondering what’s next after finding out you’re unexpectedly pregnant? You are not alone. Getting an ultrasound is an important step, an imaging technique that confirms pregnancy. They use sound waves to create images of the pregnancy inside the body.

Ultrasounds are also an effective way to detect possible pregnancy complications and confirm how far along a woman is in her pregnancy.

How Do Ultrasounds Work?

Typically, ultrasounds are done externally with a transducer device. Using a gel substance on your abdomen, the transducer sends sound waves into your body, collects the ones that bounce back, and creates images.

If you are very early in your pregnancy, a transvaginal ultrasound may be done. Most of the time, it’s a simple process. Ultrasounds are considered an effective method for medical viewing purposes.

Do I Need An Ultrasound?

Protect your health and determine your pregnancy options with an ultrasound. It’s an important step in pregnancy confirmation. Medical abortions (the abortion pill) are only recommended for women through 10 weeks of pregnancy, according to the FDA.

An ultrasound confirms these three details:

  • An ultrasound tells you how far along you are (gestational age)
  • An ultrasound tells you where your pregnancy is located (whether it’s located in the uterus or you are experiencing a potential ectopic pregnancy)
  • An ultrasound tells you if your pregnancy is viable (has a heartbeat & is a growing pregnancy)

Free Limited Ultrasounds

After you confirm your pregnancy with a positive pregnancy test with us, we offer free and confidential limited ultrasounds on-site. Our licensed sonographer performs the limited ultrasound and can help you understand your pregnancy details.

Schedule a free appointment with us to begin getting clarity about your unique pregnancy. Be informed so you can make a confident choice for your future.

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